Introduction to the Labour Legislation of Suriname

Introduction to the Labour Legislation of Suriname


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This book is a practical and simple explanation of the current Surinamese labour legislation. The demand fot practical information about rights and obligations of employers and employees has turned out to be very high among workerd and employers, but also among the trade union movement and students. The English version is predominantly focused on the business community and investors. The publication tries to satisfy the need for information to some extent. this guide discusses the several laws that serve as an important source for the determination of the rights, duties and responsibilities for workers and employers in Suriname. Each law is dealt with seperatly in a chapter. Information on all kinds of subjects can also be found in the keyword index. In Chapter 1 and other chapters, reference is made to the daft NBW which is a comprehensive new draft Civil Code still pending for some time in The national Assembly. The referenc is made in order to create a wholistic view of legal amendments which are pending. The draft NBW is not in force yet.

The second edition includes newly adopted laws (Private Employment Agencies Act, Labour Exchange Act 2017, Freedom of Associations Act, Collective Bargaining Agreements Act 2017, amendment of the Labour Inspection Act, the Minimum Wage Act and the Maternity Protection Act). A number of reevant judgments of the court (in summary proceedings) have also been incorporated, whereby it is noteworthy that the court has been using the new lawsto determinethe applicable positive law more clearly. In this edition, some additions have been made on the basis of feedback obtained from users of the book.

This guide also takes a look in the future, with a brief explanation of new legislation that is likely to be adopted in the coming period. This guide is not exhaustive and provides general information about the rights, obligations, entitlements and responsibilities as laid down in the Surinamese law. In the related Dutch version of this publication more references to verdict of the Surinamese court have been included

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